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We, Himalaya Sacred Treks & Expeditions is being registered and formed just recently. We have a past presence as Pokali Pk Trek. We are in this service from almost 10 years. We are dedicated to give our utmost service to our customers.

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Pokali Cultural Trek

pokaliPokali is the unexplored village which is situated in the Eastern Himalayan region of altitude 2000 m. It is the newly opened trekking site where heavy mixture with an unique age old traditional hospitality of local people warmly welcome you.

The Panoramic view of hills and mountains, amazing Likhu river, mind blowing Pokali waterfall "Pokali Jharna" of 130 meter height, many temples, Stupa, Monasteries of different local tribes always makes trekkers very special. Pokali cultural trekking is of 9 days where you feel the warm welcome of local people with direct interact with their traditional culture.

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Brief Itinerary

Day 01. Bus tour from Kathmandu to Dhobi

Day 02. Dhobi to Sirishe Khola

Day 03. Sirise Khola to Wachpu village

Day 04. Wachpu village to Ghising Danda

Day 05. Ghising Danda to Laamje Gumba

Day 06. Lamje Gumba to  Bappu

Day 07. Wachpu to Sirise

Day 08. Sirise to Dhobi

Day 09. Dhobi to Kathmandu (Bus tour)

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